The advantage of laminated film replaced varnish

Laminated film replaced varnish

Laminated film replaced varnish
Modern packaging products are becoming more and more refined, and people's needs are becoming more and more diverse, among which the laminating process is widely used in printing and packaging. Laminating, also known as "overplastic", "laminating", "film", etc., the products after laminating are smoother, brighter, stain-resistant, water-resistant, wear-resistant, and the color of book covers is more vivid and eye-catching, not easy to be damaged; The wear resistance, bending resistance, tensile resistance and moisture resistance of printed matter have been greatly strengthened, which protects the appearance of various printed materials while improving the service life. Therefore, the laminating process is widely used in all kinds of packaging and decoration prints, books, periodicals, books, calendars, maps, etc. in various binding forms, and is a very popular surface processing technology for printed products.
However, because the film is not easy to degrade, and the biological hazard is great, and the coated product because of the existence of plastic film, the underlying paper can not be recycled again, can only be discarded, and the paper in life comes from the fiber of trees, and the cycle repeats, the use of film not only causes economic waste but also causes a very large burden on the environment.
Out of the concept of sustainable development, countries have put forward different requirements for plastic removal, and with the continuous rise in the price of plastic film, plastic restriction and plastic replacement have also become the urgent needs of many enterprises.
The production of plastic replacement oil is a varnish derived from the traditional process of replacing lamination, and its effect on paper can achieve the effect of lamination. It has a series of characteristics such as good adhesion, wear resistance, folding resistance, explosion-proof color, scratch resistance, matte, protective ink, etc., and can realize the recycling or degradable needs of paper, and achieve the real purpose of reducing plastics, limiting plastics and protecting the environment while realizing paper recycling.

OurLaminated film replaced varnish is developed in response to customer needs in this environment, which has the following characteristics:
Online production can be carried out to realize production automation and improve production efficiency
Good adhesion (with dark ink, can still pass 3M tape test)
Good wettability and leveling
Abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, folding resistance (2kg/more than 200 times)
Good flexibility/flexural resistance, no color explosion/no burst card
No priming, saving labor and time
The printing process is simple
Alternative to laminating process, degradable
Realize the recycling of paper and be environmentally friendly
No plastic, not subject to plastic restriction orders
Completely waterborne, VOC-free, environmentally friendly and pollution-free
Comply with ROHS and REACH standards
Comply with EU 94/62/EC Packaging Directive/TPCH packaging material specifications