High temperature resistant water-based ink widely use on plastic bag printing

High temperature resistant water-based ink

High temperature resistant water-based ink
The high temperature resistant environmental protection water-based ink we say generally refers to the use of water-based ink between 120°c- 150°c, which can be printed on plexigrine and other printing products. Due to its characteristics, it will not soften the ink because of the rising temperature of the printing environment, and the adhesion will not decrease and affect the quality of the finished product, coupled with the inherent environmental protection properties of ink. So now more and more attention has been paid to users.
Let's take a look at the characteristics of this water-based ink with high temperature resistance
1. High temperature resistance, high temperature resistance of water-based ink can reach 120--150°c, so that some high temperature requirements of packaging printing products to provide a feasible solution, especially before some ink because of the use of the environment will lead to viscosity, white and so on. This kind of water-based ink technology with high temperature curing, improve the strength of the ink film, but also increase the water resistance. Under strong sunlight, it will not turn yellow or change color.

2 strong wear resistance, when used as packaging printing, the need for water-based ink has a strong wear resistance, at 121--150°c, this water-based ink can be measured in 50 pressure per square centimeter, generally to 150 wipe per minute, bright performance to 50-70 brightness units.

3 product leveling number, anti-curling ability is strong, in paper or pvc, artificial leather substrate printing, there is a problem is substrate after several color groups of continuous drying, intellectual moisture content is very low, easy to produce transverse contraction or longitudinal contraction, and hui can not lead to normal printing and use, And this high temperature resistant water-based ink can maintain a good flatness.

4. High temperature resistant, water-based high temperature resistant ink in the printing process, 60% of the drying is through evaporation and volatilization, 40% is material absorption, so the drying speed is very fast, but also to speed up the printing speed, film formation quickly, save production costs.

5. Non-toxic and tasteless is the characteristic of all water-based ink, especially suitable for use in toys, food, clothing, artificial leather, plastic film and other substrates.